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Care for COVID-19 Warriors

One of the roles played by behavioral health clinicians in Integrated Primary Care is to offer their skills to support their medical colleagues in times of stress.  This is such a time.


Diaphragmatic breathing - relaxation anywhere and almost any time.

This is a relaxation script.  It is about 11 minutes long.  You will need a quiet place where you can close your eyes for this one.  It will take you pretty deep into relaxation and leave you refreshed.

Here is an exercise to help you put yourself to sleep at night.


Lots of types of photos to take you away,


This JAMA article on the anxieties of health professionals about caring for COVID patients is for sharing with the leadership in your organization.

Live and recorded webinars by leading Family Medicine faculty for clinicians coping with pandemic stress.

One page of great suggestions for health professionals facing COVID-19, from Univ. Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

In times of chaos and uncertainty, many patients and some of the people caring for them find themselves thinking about suicide.  Here is a place to look for contact.

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